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Familie Pocket - Elektronikgehäuse - Kunststoff


Small and clean design for the most diversified USB devices such as Dongle, Pendrive and Wireless transmitters. Self-snap closing of cover and bottom completed by a soft feel protection bumper and rubber connector cap. LED guidelight on the cover to monitor device activity. Recessed area on the bottom for labels and markings. Standard colour white and light gray. Custom colours according to Company identity: MOQ 500 pieces.



Modell L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Farbe (Ral) Material MAX PCB L (mm) MAX PCB W (mm) Schrauben Batterie Zubehör Zeichnungen Mehr
TEK-USB.30 58 25 10,2 9002 9018
P2H-AT  -  8020 50,5 18     PDF
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